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What do you love most about

The Actor's Project NYC?

Founder & Co-Director

Bobby Holder

Check out this sample of our work,  thanks to our sponsor

We had us a virtual Monologue Challenge and congrats to the winner Cassandra Cruz!

Check out OLIVIA'S CORNER, which was performed live in our Season 38 Showcases!

We think TAPNYC member Jamie Craib did an awesome job performing Imaginary Friend by Bobby Holder!

Check out Emily Bradshaw's original monologue performed in one of our Off Broadway Industry Showcases!

(Please Note:  The talent agent she is speaking to in this piece is a real talent agent! So fun!)

The fantastic musical team of Carner & Gregor wrote this awesome song which was performed by Adam Breaux!

We LOVE our members!  Especially TAPNYC stand out Meghan O'Malley performing her original monologue in our Season 37 Off Broadway Industry Showcase!

We found this fun promotional video we made after one of our acting competitions in 2014.  Take a look!

WOW!  This monologue is a blast from the past!  Written by TAPNYC founder Bobby Holder and performed by TAPNYC favorite Carley Avenea!

We have had some awesome directors at TAPNYC, still do!  One season we made this promotional video.  Check it out!

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